Oh Ajani, wearing Elspeth’s cloak. Such a wonderful leonin. I want to hug him.

The flavor behind this version of Ajani is really fantastic for anyone who’s been keeping up with the storyline of the game. Notice that his abilities now reflect defending his fellow Planeswalkers and keeping them safe. He doesn’t want to lose any more companions.

After the fight with Xenagos, Elspeth was taken to Theros’ underworld by Erebos in exchange for the release of her newfound friend Daxos. Ajani is shaken by the loss of his friend and the fact that he was powerless to stop it — it echoes the loss of his brother Jazal years ago. He now wears Elspeth’s cloak in remembrance of her sacrifice, just as he wields his brother’s axe to honor him.

That Ajani art is amazing. Chris Rahn rules.